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Can someone eli5: what is hashtag review? Does it mean until reviewed and approved toots from this instance with hashtag won't show hashtag (on federated view)

finally upgraded to v3.3.0, hopefully everything still works :D

Note to self (or whoever is looking for this): Buy the smart device with "Local Push" (followed by "Local Pull") when looking for Home Assistant compatible devices, put it on subnet without internet access and control it through HASS. . "Assumed" is fine but then again these are generally not complete solution. "Cloud Push/Pull" are complete trash at least for privacy

@peertube good luck with fund raising, added some funds myself <3

hate discovering new manga with plenty of chapters released, just because I end up binge-reading >.<

Does anyone have suggestion how to debug graphics issues while gaming on Linux? for e.g. CS GO crashing (even with latest gnome-shell), or wine going to solid color after period of playing (I would like to know what and how should I monitor)

-mono Can someone explain why some themes (doom-monokai-classic) can show font "correctly" while other (doom-monokai-spectrum) can't

@sengi_app I like the app on mac so far 👍
Is there theming support planned? Personally I prefer material pallete over amoled (and font changing).

VPS got corrupted completely destroyed the previous instance, let's hope new one can keep up


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