πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Wait for Mastodon to announce peertube

servers are back up, so is the instance πŸ‘

@tootbrute gotcha, I generally setup without yunohost so I don't check if they have particular services available

Have u looked at matrix? Also communication is one thing I can't move away from because friends are too stubborn to try new things

@Gargron can we have ability to add some text while boosting a toot (similar to "forward email option")? Or is it not present intentionally ?

@Gargron right now I use favorite as save for later and sometimes just to notify that I read the response (when reply is not required)

@valere @DilliDurAst you missed pixelfed (pixelfed.org), photo sharing like instagram

@dansup that sucks, hopefully u find something u like soon 🀞

So many things changed between Nexus 6p and OnePlus 7 pro, I feel like complete illiterate working with new phone 😭

I believe only matrix approach would work, releasing protocol instead of messaging app. There can be multiple apps for people to pick from

@purism This is awesome update thanks a lot, this was the information needed much earlier. Personally I'll be moving my batch to much later date (maybe not as many people would have gone for earlier batches if this information was available early). Keep up the good work and please continue informative updates πŸ‘

cw toxic cdn politics 

@happysmash27 @purism I really hope next update clears things. Also I've no insight on internal affairs but it is very much possible that first backers were all Purism employees (or company put in money worth lets say first 10 phones for employees when campaign started)

@lunduke Would you mind telling which modem did you choose, and what were consideration factors? for e.g. does picking up m.2 slots guarantee ability to change modem in future?

@gbryant I remember needing to specifically install DRM enabling extension in FF (Ubuntu) before I could use Netflix on my udoo board (but this was around an year back). Has there been inclusion of DRM in Kernel itself (the way I'm understanding this: I won't need extension anymore) or is this still only OEM specific (Chromebook in this case) It would be very bad if it's part of open source kernel

@pixelfed can supporting mobile apps be listed somewhere? (pixelfed.org or github readme or pixelfed documentation)

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