Does anyone have recommendation for trackers ? I could find

Requirements are:
1. Be able to track things
2. Not dependent on online accounts or at least not proprietary

Wish you all a very :newl: Happy New Year :newr: , hope everyone has more fun in 2022 than previous years

started donating @codeberg and @darktable , hopefully I can continue every year :bear_hugs:

@protonmail that sucks, I guess I'll get news about proton through blog posts.

@zachdecook @proycon this is awesome, wasn't expecting it for quite a while

@dorian I use and like @flokinet there is, however they r missing backup etc

@0xv31an5a1i5 @meeper just heads up privacytools is moving to this will have updated lists/guides

@linmob this makes way more sense, everytime I saw someone mentioning successful build of aur, I kept trying to build myself. Thanks for clarification.

@linmob nice write up. Is there how to for building packages on pinephone? I've tried building telegrand few times but never managed to successfully build.

Please suggest a better way to read office documents.
Currently using .
I'm not looking to edit the document, just reading it.
Zooming in (beyond certain size) causes horizontal scroll bar (even though I've screen space on both sides)
Don't care about all tools on display, just no distraction reading.
:boost_requested: :BoostOK:

@melaniemoo i've never personally used anything like that, however I found:
Wrotto (Journaling app with map view, calendar and stats.) -
Hopefully that helps

Instance going under maintenance shortly, may stay down for a day

@trwnh getting in split ergo is worst case scenario, need to buy at least 3 kits

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