@dansup Happy birthday \m/, also just do what I did: stop aging at 25 :P ez.

@distrotube Inconsolata and Source Code Pro used to be my favorite until I found Victor mono rubjo.github.io/victor-mono/ I just like fancy font lol. Also no peertube ?

@PixelDroid Awesome this is gonna make it easier to get more people involved 👍

@distrotube Thanks been looking for Synergy replacement, gonna try this

@EFLS Thanks, that makes sense many themes are missing
:slant 'italic
for font face properties, I added it manually and got the expected effect

-mono Can someone explain why some themes (doom-monokai-classic) can show font "correctly" while other (doom-monokai-spectrum) can't

@tuxmachines I'm actually thinking of moving to pop_os for flatpak support, Ubuntu 20.04 is going only snap route. It's good to know there r other even better changes as well

@sengi_app Thanks for explanation, I understand it not being trivial.

@sengi_app I like the app on mac so far 👍
Is there theming support planned? Personally I prefer material pallete over amoled (and font changing).

@sengi_app sweet, didn't know about Sengi. I'm gonna try it, thanks

@nextcloud this is actually really hard with turn server requirement. The call quality is not good at all

@protonvpn This is amazing, hopefully wireguard support soon :D

VPS got corrupted completely destroyed the previous instance, let's hope new one can keep up


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