what even happened I suddenly see 30 accounts (none verifiable / credible) wanting to register on instance :yikes:

@mntmn I was actually thinking about it but then Steam Deck was announced and I bought (reserved) that instead

this sounds awesome, pretty much replacement for laptop, with entertainment included

Never used Manjaro (Arch base) before, gonna give it a try on my personal laptop. Any pointers for beginner are welcome (been using ubuntu base for as long as I remember)

@mig xprivacyLUA is open source and newer version of xprivacy, I never use phone without that. I completely agree there needs to be easier way to use something similar.

@codeberg oh dumb me, sorry for not linking page in first place : codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga (i guess any project with bunch of links in right side panel)

@codeberg right side panel on wiki page for project may need to be updated for phones.

@FediFollows if possible I would like to see suggestions for
1. Podcasts (not sure if there is open/decentralized platform) or accounts posting podcasts.
2. Accounts posting recipes/household tips etc.

@Angle i've pinephone and waiting for librem5. If u want to use pinephone as daily driver then there r some limitations
1. Calls and sms work.
2. browsing is slow, even if u create webapp, experience is bit lacking
3. Obviously no apps yet (signal, element etc.)

However if you intend to use it as a computer then it's different story. Keyboard, mouse and external monitor definitely work and it's full linux experience (arm64).

@fdroidorg @protonmail ah maybe that's why I noticed it last time, just formatted phone and was wondering why I don't see it

@protonmail @fdroidorg what happened to protonmail app on f droid, can't seem to find it anymore

this right here (i can imagine number of inquiries to buy this - just going by short note at bottom)

@pixelfed @dansup Are there some examples (visual and code) for custom CSS for pixelfed instance? I'm really liking new Admin settings page, want to mess around with CSS

PSA (or more for my future self): if anyone is looking for good tv without shitty smart features

@codeberg this may sound silly, but pretty please give me a dark theme

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