@kaalki thanks for recommendation, one of the VPS has been moved to @flokinet, getting ready to move others

@mntmn oh sockets are on bottom part of PCB (may change case), let me see if I can find some pics to show

@mntmn noice, will wait. If you are doing a version, can I request hot swap sockets?

@mntmn ☹️ white / teal choc would be so good, any chance of it being a kit? I can solder hot swap sockets. Or maybe I'll try to print PCB instead and build on top of that (not sure where to source OLED screen)

tooting from on 🥳.
Tip: use terminal keyboard to ctrl-v for copied authorization code, long press menu is not yet available

Is there definitive client for (mobian) - e2ee chats, video calls etc.

@dansup holy shit this is completely out of blue but so totally welcome :bear_hugs:

@pixelfed oh nice, is this already on dev branch, so instance get it simply by git pull. Or is it in for next release?

Just received my mobian edition, time to see if I can make it into daily driver

Just found out about stylus (extension) and userstyles.org, good luck my eyes :yikes:

@kaalki yup I've been messing with one vps since ur suggestion and I'm liking it. Will try hosting for next 2 months

@kaalki tested bahnhof already, it's slow as well ( not as much as 1984 though ). Let me check flokinet

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