@purism this looks interesting, can ability to create virtual number be added? (Giving out not real number while signing up for services/websites etc.)

@tootbrute let me have a look again, last time I checked orange was providing hosting (shared space) and not VPS itself. Thanks a lot for list, gonna go through over next day.

@tootbrute easy to have data center due to naturally colder weather, and all providers follow very good privacy policy (Iceland has very good user privacy laws - no data mining for advertisers). Njalla is Swedish, they have good track record. I'm yet to find Icelandic provider on cheaper side though.

@tootbrute Njalla and 1984. Downside of njalla - no backups, so u need to have ur own backup scheme (maybe NAS at home). Downside of 1984 - upload speed is 5mbps this is a deal breaker for turn server (needed for audio video chat). I host matrix/synapse server on 1984 but turn server for it is on njalla. Websites for both r njal.la and 1984.is

@peertube good luck with fund raising, added some funds myself <3

@dansup no no no no, maybe you just need better whiskey.

@david thanks gonna look it up, I generally have trouble with birds cause they don't wanna pose :P

@david photos look nice, is there info about lens parameters?

@thatkiwiguy all good, I know how it goes. My instance is still sitting on 3.1.3, hopefully will get to latest in next week

@dansup that looks sweet, can I get the app? or do you mean webpage when you mention app

hate discovering new manga with plenty of chapters released, just because I end up binge-reading >.<

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