Can someone eli5: what is hashtag review? Does it mean until reviewed and approved toots from this instance with hashtag won't show hashtag (on federated view)

@purism every update makes me even more impatient, hopefully CPU availability doesn't cause delays

@peertubesocial @peertube late to voting, but I would definitely try to stream some games

@Gargron matrix / element? However for communication app friends and family need to be willing to switch. I find that part harder than finding a service.

@linmob @PINE64 @postmarketOS thanks, so at least can make use of this, as long as it gets in mobile it's good news.

@PINE64 @postmarketOS what are the chances this modem is pin compatible with or mostly for laptops and PCs?

finally upgraded to v3.3.0, hopefully everything still works :D

Note to self (or whoever is looking for this): Buy the smart device with "Local Push" (followed by "Local Pull") when looking for Home Assistant compatible devices, put it on subnet without internet access and control it through HASS. . "Assumed" is fine but then again these are generally not complete solution. "Cloud Push/Pull" are complete trash at least for privacy

@dansup 2 separate apps are fine, most moderation can happen on computer / browser. Also this keeps user app simple

@Gargron had exact same issue, turns out if there are less than 5 items in inventory they can't sell you something through online (right now everything apart from work table / chair is less than 5 in my area stores). Also I've not tried buying anything that's plenty in stock to know for sure if all online purchases are messed

@purism nice been waiting so long, I eagerly look forward to email

@purism this looks interesting, can ability to create virtual number be added? (Giving out not real number while signing up for services/websites etc.)

@tootbrute let me have a look again, last time I checked orange was providing hosting (shared space) and not VPS itself. Thanks a lot for list, gonna go through over next day.

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