Got motherboard replaced through RMA, since then using has been blast, thanks @purism

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Using on other hand hasn't been good experience. Phone seems to not respond after few seconds at all, still trying to debug it. :yikes:

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Just received my absolutely amazing feeling (physically holding the phone) compared to . I wasn't expecting it to feel so premium.

@ritualdust I've been looking for something similar (but I'm not working towards anything right now). Resources I've found
2. searching 'passive house' on youtube

Knowledge of in general local weather and sun / wind directions

I'm liking with -Shell instead of Phosh a lot.
Now only if calls VoIP issues are resolved, I can daily drive this.

@3D63 this makes me want to give more listens to Transistor. I'll do that next few days

@3D63 Soundtracks by Darren Korb are absolutely fantastic. I like Bastion tracks more that Transistor

@helveticablanc (I can't comment on complexity comparison since I've not used other services) for domain name please check @flokinet and njalla, njalla has been super easy to use. While at it, if you are starting new project / page please check @codeberg to host pages.

( https:// ) is the best way to enjoy , especially on . I wasn't expecting so well executed themes (I still want more) along with performance :ac_heart: (picking up emoji is hard though)

@silmathoron @mobian @ManjaroARM @codeberg I was looking for notification support just yesterday, thanks a lot for this. I'll have a look

Using as much as possible, one thing I really miss is notifications. Anything other than modem can't notify. If anyone have workaround please let me know

@nw I'm assuming you meant from following tools
As of now I've not felt the need to. I only take notes, I never have to connect to internet (unless i'm updating). I've created and added template, I've exported pdf.
That's the extent of my use.

However I would like to know as well use cases and if I should consider any FOSS tools

@Tutanota Any chance of getting AppImage for AARCH64 (Pinephone etc) ?

Does anyone have recommendation for trackers ? I could find

Requirements are:
1. Be able to track things
2. Not dependent on online accounts or at least not proprietary

Wish you all a very :newl: Happy New Year :newr: , hope everyone has more fun in 2022 than previous years

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